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Here's some of the tripe the Albino Thing creates!
Huehue. Have fun in the pits of the gallery! Inside you will find; commission work, requests, art of my two fursonas and much much more!


Thank you to everyone who inspires/creates things for me!!
Here you will find artwork of my characters or things that I find inspirational! Enjoy!!




Phoenix Reference Commission
Alladon Payment
For Elites and Darkdons

Journal Decor Stuff- I hate you by ThatAlbinoThing

Reference Sheets for $8-$45

~ Buy one, get 'Pixel Art' free! ~
Total funds needed: $19.29

Thatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpaiThatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpai

 ~ Visit here for everything else that is open! Cheap Commissions!! [OPEN] Art, Icons, Pixels, etc ~

Thatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpaiThatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpai

I'm opening these to help pay for my new Flamey shirt that I am having made! The shipping has really dented my fur fund so Im in need of some more commissions... If you're in need of a reference sheet, now is your time to commission me! Remember, if you order any of these sheets for a limited time only you will receive one of these for free.

Lucifur Ref [CM] by ThatAlbinoThing + Lucifur Bounce [CM] by ThatAlbinoThing
Vaal Reference [CM] by ThatAlbinoThingVaal Pixel by ThatAlbinoThing

Thatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpaiThatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpai

Flame-Eye Reference 2k16 [Fluffy+Reaper+Beasts] by ThatAlbinoThingTinn Reference Sheet [CM] by ThatAlbinoThingToxin [CM] by ThatAlbinoThing
TYPE 1 - Complex Ref 
 It will include a front, back, side (can contain a secondary side shot if markings are important) and a secondary image, a headshot with a default expression and a handful of small chibi's with different fur (if they have seasonal markings) or clothes on. It can also include a feral form and some objects she may be seen with. I cannot however include big long texts about histories and such as I use SAI and that would involve writing it all out. I can point out key features and what-not and descriptions like that on my Flamey's ref. Also comes with a basic blocky background. These will also contain highlighted areas of your character, such as wings, tongue, specific markings, important areas of the char. I'll do as many  as I feel important. 
Price: $45 for Semi-Realistic, $35 for Cartoony

Official Tenya Reference by ThatAlbinoThing Lucifur Ref [CM] by ThatAlbinoThingVaal Reference [CM] by ThatAlbinoThingRiley [CM] by ThatAlbinoThing
TYPE 2 - Detailed Ref

This one will contain a Front, and Two sides and a choice of either 3 chibi's showing colouration change or clothe designs OR some objects she'd be seen with. NOTE: When I say this can include Chibi/Objects I also mean these can include companions- be they other characters or pets! These come with a basic background.
Price: $25 for Semi-Realistic, $16 for Cartoony

Curlew #3 Reference by ThatAlbinoThing
TYPE 3 - Basic Ref 

This one will contain a single shot of your choice- front, side or back (pointless XD) and will only contain a colour key and very basic pointers. This doesn't come with a background OR chibis. I usually only make these for small-non important characters because it's just... simple X)
Price: $12 for Semi-Realistic, $8 for Cartoony

This one is used primarily to show off costumes/designs of the characters, kinda like an expansion of the small chibi's above. I use these alongside my primary references but I thought I'd include this anyway as it still contains what's in the basic ref only expanded. I can also bundle this in with a reference on offer if I can put the clothes on a manikin base I made.
Price: $23 for Semi-Realistic, $16 for Cartoony for 3 (Normal then + 2 others) then +60% for additional clothes.
OR Price: $13 for Semi-Realistic, $8 for Cartoony for 3 (*above) then +60% for additional clothes if on manikin. 

Thatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpaiThatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpai

If you'd like anything added to your reference:

Additional Veiw = +$7
Additional Image (shaded) = +$14
Feral Image = +$5-$8
Additional Chibi = +$2 (200:points:) or 3 for $5
Custom = +$5
Changes post Lineart Completion = Subject to my discretion. 

To Do:
//Refer to my other commissions list//

Thatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpaiThatalbinothing comm by dragoncat-senpai

Will accept points for $ = 100:points:.
Will work with every species, every animal. Feral or anthro (no humans).
They will be started as soon as I recieve payment and they will be done as soon as possible.
Those who pay more for their references will be prioritised.


40% for Sheephish
20% for Alladons
10% Designs I really like!
10% If I personally linked this to your journal.


ThatAlbinoThing's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
United Kingdom
Profile Pic by: Fluffy-Duveteux <3
F2U - Remembrance Day Poppy 2015 by ThatAlbinoThingderpcon-Flame the ringleader[Flip] by ThatAlbinoThingDerpcon- The Madman by ThatAlbinoThingF2U - Remembrance Day Poppy 2015 by ThatAlbinoThing

You brought the darkness that illuminated my
light from a plain background, and I brought the light
to lead you to our salvation.
They might say that I'm just a fake
that our love is forbidden.
But we cannot deny what our instincts say,
and they relish in the love that we had hidden.
Cuties by DeathbyUFO
"We made something they can't take away..."

Art Block Stamp by KhrinxDisconnected Rage Stamp by KhrinxNote Stamp by SoVeryUnofficial

Woah By Gaysquishy-d955pac by ThatAlbinoThing

~ w i f e ~
And 3rd wheel in the Garrus threesome
derpcon- Darynic the Mood[Flip] by ThatAlbinoThingDerpcon- The Ringleader by ThatAlbinoThing
The bitch who left - YourRoboticOverlord
My Bae - Fluffy-Duveteux
My Local Pet Store - StraightFromTheLab (NativeShadow)

We play much Mass Effect. With our own AU.
This is my child. I love him very much <3!

i n s p i r a t i o n s ;;

I C O N . H O R D E S

I have an addiction... trade/gift/make me commission for icons- please!

Title-Icon by ThatAlbinoThingMalbet icon AT by AdolasOutput Jrxye0 By Gaysquishy-d95obc1 by ThatAlbinoThingFlame Reaper Icon by ThatAlbinoThingFlamey by ametty
Flamey Icon by  HimeSara84 by ThatAlbinoThing[C] ~ True loooove by Musiconic[C] ~ It must be true loooove ::PT 2:: by Musiconicsmall paws by Zukoukuyo50 By Ammuchii-d9789f8 by ThatAlbinoThing
Flamey [Com] by SallidiiFlame Eye Animated Icon   Malbet By Sharpnessarrow by ThatAlbinoThingFlamey Icon Trade by ScourgeSongIcon-Commission-Malbet by Akatix[Request] Spooky Flamey by DeathbyUFO
|com| Flame Icon by Friturik[Request] Spooky Flamey by DeathbyUFOPixel Commission for ThatAlbinoThing by Kagarikairin11Icon Comm :: ThatAlbinoThing by AkatixKentucky Fried Chicken - Commission by FizzGryphon
flame's beasts

thatalbinothing [2/2] by goresporethatalbinothing [1/2] by gorespore

Title-Icon-MS by ThatAlbinoThingIke Icon Gift by Fluffy-DuveteuxIke for Malbet by bink5bink5~Do I look like a Bunny? by MoonarticIke [Com] by Sallidii
Animated Icon   Ike   Blink By Sharpnessarrow by ThatAlbinoThingIke Icon [commision] by ButlerVickiDay 63 / 365 - Ike by DeneesiIke Icon by werewolf-lover99|com| Ike Icon by FriturikBgbb By Violetcascade-d9gd0md by ThatAlbinoThing
C: Ike by WKwC[Gift] I shall smile at you menacingly by bink5bink5CP - Ike [Animated] by Nittrus

Icon For Malbet by axoIotlIcon Commish for Malbet by StarrlitaEv for Malbet by bink5bink5Oni bust pixel by Sarcastic-DemonWither bust pixel by Sarcastic-Demon[Commission] Tropic Pixel by DeathbyUFOTropic Bounce Icon by Fluffy-Duveteuxoni squiggle by thedoomedkittehWither squiggle by thedoomedkittehFancy Pigeon - icon #5 by SilverDestornisGift for Malbet by werewolf-lover99Dray by Caniidoq

a d o p t . h o r d e...

I'm an avid collector of albino closed species critters! If you can ANYTHING albino that needs a home or fancy a definite sale come to me and I will give it a home!
Lewi by ThatAlbinoThingAlbino Majesty 'Ab Maj' by ThatAlbinoThingIssebelle by ThatAlbinoThingStitches by ThatAlbinoThing
Sharp by ThatAlbinoThingAdopts- Emmit by ThatAlbinoThingAbbix by ThatAlbinoThingLacey by ThatAlbinoThing
Dopple by ThatAlbinoThingBella by ThatAlbinoThingLunah by ThatAlbinoThingAdopts- Spooky-Dooky by ThatAlbinoThing
Adopts- Carlisle by ThatAlbinoThing

"Hush Puppies" by bigblueghost


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FizzGryphon Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Sooooo... I've been wanting to make an albino giraffe character for a LONG TIME now... but my problem is: spots or no spots?  

Obviously this is life-or-death, no?
ThatAlbinoThing Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Interface Designer
It must have spots.
Just dilute the markings a bit! 
FizzGryphon Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright ^^
NativeShadow Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

We need to talk more often ;o;

//depression rules my life as of currently hhhh-
ThatAlbinoThing Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Interface Designer
*Flame glomps out of nowhere*
Huuurh no! Don't be down!
You need to shimmy on down to my streams more often!
We miss you there Strikey bae ;-;
NativeShadow Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I try not to be ;o;
Life is a ball of stress; graduation and school, money issues, prom, husband's work issues, no motivation for art, etc. is just overwhelming :C

And that I do !!! I'll totally join the next one I can-
If I miss them all, I'll host a stream Saturday and use my own voice to chat again C:
Plus work on some art hhh-

< 3
ThatAlbinoThing Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Yes yes we must! I do miss our chats old friend <3 Don't worry about all these problems will fade or at least dilute over time <33
Frost-Wolfing Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the llama badge ;;
ThatAlbinoThing Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student Interface Designer
No worries, thank you for watching!!
Frost-Wolfing Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
No problem, your art is amazing :')
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